About us

HARITONS has a long and proud history, having been founded by the original owner, Mr B Hariton in Albert Road, Salt River in the early 1900’s.

Then in 1957 a branch was opened in Wynberg, but soon thereafter the Salt River branch was destroyed by a devastating fire, never to reopen. The Wynberg branch was then sold to the manager at the time, Mr A G Hirschfeld who ran the store until 1983 when the current owner bought the business. The store remained in Wynberg but moved several times along the Main Road. Today the store is located at 29 Caledon Street, Cape Town as part of Woodheads.


Visit our store to see our available styles and colours – one of our sales assistants will gladly be of assistance.

Haritons has been serving generations of Capetonians. Visit us today for helpful, personal service and advice, or contact us for further info.